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Plumbers in Charlottesville, VA

For over 30 years, Michael and Son has provided its customers with a highly dedicated and experienced plumber. Charlottesville area commercial and residential customers in need of a plumber can contact us to quickly and affordably meet your plumbing needs. Our skilled team has assisted hundreds of local area properties just like yours! So don't ignore your damaged plumbing system or fixtures. Contact us to schedule your appointment with a skilled and knowledgeable plumber.

Charlottesville area residents can contact us for the following plumbing needs:

   Drain Cleaning
 Shower Heads
 Garbage Disposals
 Fixing Leaks
 Directional Boring
         Tankless Water Heater Service and Repair 
 Water Treatment and Purification Services
 Sewer Line Replacement
 Water Line Replacement 
 Water Heater Replacement 
 Water Heater Sales and Service 
 Water Service
 Trenchless Technologies 
 Pipe Bursting

For more information on our plumbers in Charlottesville, or for additional information on the services we provide, contact us today.

Charlottesville Plumbers
Our Charlottesville plumbers can assist all customers in the city or in Albemarle County with their plumbing needs. From repairs to installation, we guarantee that all of your plumbing needs will be met in a timely, professional, and adroit manner.

Remember, there are lots of things a homeowner or property manager can do to ensure that plumbing systems remain operational and undamaged for years. Follow these steps and it's very likely that you won't need any plumbing repairs in the near future:

 Know Your System. No one knows their home better than the actual homeowner. So when you're hosting family or out of town guests, always be aware as to the amount of water that is being used. If you are hooked up to a septic system this becomes even more important. With guests comes increased water usage, and with increased water usage comes the possibility of clogs, failing drains, and burst pipes. Take the time to make sure your water usage doesn't overwhelm your plumbing system when hosting large numbers of guests for an extended period of time.
 Don't Flush Your Trash! Material like plastic, papers, and metal items are commonly flushed down the toilet. Remember, your toilet is not a trash can, so be sure to not treat it as such. Foreign objects, even those you think are safe to flush, can actually form blockages in a pipe system that can lead to backed up plumbing fixtures and slow drainage.
 Grease Is Bad. We aren't talking about the movie either! Don't dump grease down your drains or down the toilet. Grease solidifies and over time can block your pipes. This will prevent correct operation and cause you a serious headache. Additionally, many municipal water treatment facilities are not designed to handle grease in any form.

Contact Michael and Son to schedule your next appointment with one of our plumbers in Charlottesville, VA today!

Contact Michael and Son for a reliable and highly experienced
residential or commercial plumber. Charlottesville, VA area residents are all invited
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