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Boilers in Charlottesville, VA

A boiler is any closed vessel in which water or another fluid is heated, vaporized, and used for various processes or heating applications. This method of heating a home is known as hydronic heating and hydronic heaters are colloquially known as boilers.

Some people may think boilers are antiquated and ineffective heating systems however that couldn't be further from the truth. Modern boilers in Charlottesville and elsewhere are fueled by natural gas, propane, or oil and most have an 80% minimum AFUE rating or annual fuel utilization efficiency rating.

Boilers Charlottesville VA

Hydronic heating systems are becoming more and more popular in the United States. Homeowners across the country are using boilers to heat their homes, floors, walls, swimming, pools, and even walkways. This is because recent advancements in boiler technology have greatly improved and so too have the piping and tubing systems used in modern boilers. So whether you have modern or retrofitted boilers in Charlottesville, you can contact Michael and Son for all of your boiler needs.

Charlottesville Boiler Repair
When it comes to boilers the older they are, the more repairs they will need. Thankfully, Michael and Son can handle all of your boiler repair needs. From leaky and dripping boilers to boilers that have lost all pressure, if you need boiler repair in Charlottesville contact us for fast, reliable, and correct service.

We have over 30 years of experience repairing and maintaining boilers. So if you need boiler repair in Charlottesville or Albemarle County you can count on us to accurately diagnose and resolve your boiler's malfunction. However, sometimes a boiler is beyond the point of repair and will need to be replaced.

Charlottesville Boiler Replacement
As a boiler ages, it stops working in an efficient manner. If you find yourself repairing your boiler multiple times a year, it might be time to consider boiler replacement in Charlottesville. A damaged boiler in need of repairs will not efficiently heat your home.
The initial cost of a replacement might seem expensive at first. However, a boiler replacement in Charlottesville is a financially friendly decision when compared to the costs of higher bills and frequent repairs. So contact us today for more information on our available boiler replacement services; the money you save will be your own.

Michael and Son is ready to assist you with your boilers in Charlottesville and
throughout Albemarle County. We handle preventative maintenance, repair, and replacement.