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Flood Damage Cleanup in Charlottesville, VA

Flood Damage Cleanup Charlottesville, VA

Flooding from a heavy rain can destroy personal property and make a house inhospitable. Since storms can grow in size and intensity without warning, you never know when your home will be faced with the detrimental effects of flooding.

At Michael & Son Charlottesville, we are always there for our clients, providing them with 24/7 emergency flood damage cleanup in Charlottesville, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Our technicians have the tools and training to restore any part of your home, even if you need basement flood clean up. We also provide mold removal and remediation if the flooding has resulted in the formation of mold.

All-in-One Flood Damage Restoration
The most important aspect of flood damage restoration is to respond quickly. Hopefully you are at your home, or at least aware of the flooding, when it occurs. If you are away from home and unaware that it is flooded, the water damage is likely to be much more extensive. Regardless of how serious your flooding problem is, you can count on us for complete flood damage restoration.

Our emergency restoration team maintains fast response times to minimize the amount of damage to your home. We use industrial equipment to extract the water rapidly with thorough results. In very little time, we will have removed all of the standing water inside your property. The next step is to dry out the interior of the home using fans and dehumidifiers. This helps to prevent long-term water damage to your floors, walls, and furniture items. It also eliminates moisture in the air, thereby preventing the growth of mold.

Our comprehensive process for flood damage cleanup ensures your home is clean, dry, and deodorized. If you need us to fix any plumbing or perform electrical work, our company has qualified professionals that we can send to your home. We are the only company you need to restore your house to the way it was before it suffered from flood damage.

Efficient Basement Flood Clean Up
When your home experiences a flood, the water will continue to seep downward through every nook and cranny it can find. It is no surprise that basements tend to suffer the most when there is a flood due to a broken water line or a severe weather storm.

We have the versatile equipment needed to extract water from basements without causing damage to other parts of the home. Our team works quickly, and once we finish, we dry out the entire basement to eliminate odors and prevent mold growth. Let us know if you need any other type of repairs for your basement and our company will send a professional to get the job done.

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