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Furnaces in Charlottesville, VA

Those icy, snowy, and blustery Virginia winters can truly be miserable. However, if you have a home with a damaged or broken furnace, your winter woes will exacerbate to even higher levels of discomfort. If you need installation assistance for your new furnaces in Charlottesville or if you need repairs or service, then contact Michael and Son. Our home heating experts can assist you with any of your furnace care, installation, or service needs.

Typically, furnaces have a long lifespan and tend to operate in a trouble-free manner. However, furnaces are not free of problems; if ignored for long enough, timely and adroit operation of your furnace can be compromised. So when your home's furnace stops working, contact us.

Furnaces in Charlottesville, whether old or modern, are all serviced by our team of home heating specialists. We also know that your furnace dying in the dead of winter does constitute as an emergency, so feel free to contact us for 24 hour emergency assistance whenever your furnace goes out!

Furnace Repair in Charlottesville, VA
Our home heating experts can repair any make or model of furnace, regardless of its age or repair history. Furnace repair in Charlottesville will once again restore your home's furnace back to its full working condition. From gas powered furnaces to electrical models, you can trust Michael and Son for furnace repair in Charlottesville, VA.

Is your home outside of Charlottesville? Call on us—as with all of our services, we extend furnace repair and replacement to the entirety of Albemarle County as well.

Furnace Replacement in Charlottesville, VA
Sadly, some furnaces cannot be repaired. From rusting metal to failing mechanisms, a furnace may last several decades but eventually it will need to be replaced. Our home heating specialists provide our customers with a huge selection of furnace replacements. In Charlottesville, we guarantee that we can replace your unit with an adequate, if not better, furnace for your home. For more information on the brands and model furnaces we carry, contact us for furnace replacement in Charlottesville.

Replacing older and outdated furnaces can help you save money. New energy and fuel efficient furnaces provide the same heating benefits, but at a lesser cost than superannuated models. So if you're considering a furnace replacement in Charlottesville, talk to one of our home heating specialists to learn how we can assist you.

Michael and Son has handled furnace repair, installation, and service for over three decades!
Our home heating experts service furnaces in Charlottesville and throughout Albemarle County.