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Lifetime Guarantee

At Michael & Son, we believe you should live worry free in your home. That's why we proudly back the majority of our plumbing repairs with our industry leading limited lifetime Guarantee.

Our no frills, gimmick free guarantee is covered by every repair done by a certified Michael & Son technician because we stand behind every job. Our limited lifetime guarantee is backed by over 38 years of experience and our reputation for quality work.

So relax and live worry free with Michael & Son!

Septic Tank in Charlottesville, VA

$250 Off Water/Sewer Excavation & Replace

Avoid unpleasant septic problems on your property by relying on Michael and Son to clean, repair, and install your septic tank in Charlottesville, VA. As highly experienced plumbers, we provide accurate, efficient, and clean services to ensure your septic system works perfectly. We work on systems of all sizes, both residential and commercial.

Whether you want us to install a new tank or service your old one, we have the equipment and experience to do the job. Keep wastewater flowing in the right direction by depending on us. We make sure your entire septic tank system and drain fields are operating at peak efficiency.

The Benefits of Septic Scrub™
Prevent costly drainfield issues by using Septic Scrub. We use this product to naturally decompose solid waste and buildup in your tank. Septic Scrub creates a nontoxic chemical reaction that allows the soil bacteria to work. In addition, it uses oxygen to replenishment the soil's bacteria in the drain fields, which also reduces the soil compaction—ultimately allowing water to flow more smoothly.

Problems in Your Drain Fields?
The drain field (or leach field) of a septic system is the area where liquid waste is absorbed into the ground. If the grass is greener by your drain field, you may have a problem. This may indicate clogs or poor soil absorption. In addition, if solid waste is present in your drain field, contact our team immediately. We provide 24-hour services and work quickly to fix the problem.

How to Deal with Septic Drainfield Failure
Your septic system works by receiving wastewater from the house and then separating the solids from the liquids. The solids are stored in a tank. They naturally decompose over time, or the process is advanced using a product, such as Septic Scrub™. However, when your system has drainfield failure, messy problems can occur.

A clogged or dysfunction drain field will cause wastewater to back up into the tank and eventually through the pipes that go back to your home. If you notice problems when flushing your toilets or persistent sewer smells in your home, contact our team for prompt septic tank services.

Distribution Box Repair
The biggest cause of drainfield failure is a broken or faulty distribution box. Maximize the life of your entire septic system by depending on our plumbers for repair services. Without a fully functioning distribution box, the drainfield will become overloaded, resulting in a poorly functioning septic system and big problems in your home or business.

Contact us for emergency services if you notice problems with your septic system. We proudly
serve customers in Charlottesville, Greenfield, Cunningham, Boonesville, and Keene, Virginia.